Annonce importante au 3 aout

by Cassey

Une Annonce importante vient d’être faite par Klei Entertainment

Hey friends,

We have some big news…

…we’ve decided to release ongoing updates instead of a DLC2!

Ever since the Spaced Out! DLC launched in December, we’ve been exploring ideas for the next chapter of Oxygen Not Included. Those conversations started out as discussions about DLC2, but as we kept digging, we realized that a distant DLC2 release just wasn’t the right fit for our long-term goals.

We want ONI to feel like a true universe: infinite and ever-expanding!

And most importantly, accessible to our whole community.

While a second DLC would certainly expand the game, it’d limit our design choices. We’d have to decide which features base game players would have access to—and which ones they’d be left out of.

The more DLCs there are, the harder it gets for us to implement bug fixes and balance changes that are viable for everyone across all versions of the game. That sounds about as appealing as an all-mushbar buffet.

annonce importante

We want you all along for the ride! So we’re shifting our focus to building out a lot of the same content and systems you’d expect from a DLC, and releasing them regularly as free game updates that work for both base game and Spaced Out!

No colony left behind.

What’s next?

We’re working on a roadmap to let you know what to expect as we explore this exciting new chapter of ONI—we’ll post that here as soon as it’s ready.


We’re expanding the ONI universe through ongoing updates rather than a DLC2! These free, regularly scheduled updates will be designed for both the base game and the Spaced Out! DLC. Roadmap coming soon.

Our heartfelt thanks, as ever, to this incredible community! We’re overjoyed to be able to share our little corner of the cosmos with you.

Pour résumer cette annonce importante, voici ce qui est dit. Klei ne va pas faire un nouveau DLC mais va ajouter au fur et à mesure du nouveau contenu jouable aussi bien avec le jeu de base qu’avec Space Out.

Cela reste du contenu gratuit correspondant : à leur envie de nous donner du plaisir à jouer et d’étendre sans contrainte l’univers d’ONI.

Ils sont actuellement en train de travailler sur une road map pour nous faire connaitre ce qui se prépare dans ce nouveau chapitre d’ONI.

Je suis impatient de lire leur prochaine publication.

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